December 15, 2020


At the regular meeting of the Town Board of the Town of Newcomb, Essex County, N.Y., held at the Town Hall, Newcomb, N.Y., on the 15h of December 2020 at 7:00 P.M., the following Board Members were present:


                                       Robin Deloria               Supervisor 

                                       Lana Fennessy              Councilwoman

                                       Paul LaCourse              Councilman

                                       Donald Bott                  Councilman

                                       Dave Olbert                  Councilman


Others present:  Joan Burke, Mary Monaghan, Laurinda Minke, Charlie Minke, Cliff Demars, Barb Kearns, Sue Mills, Ruth Olbert, Erica Demars, Dave Hughes, Chuck Higgerson, Don Seauvageau and Mary Pound.  Present on Phone:  Wes Miga, Mary Lamphear, Lori Demars and Alex Garrido.


Motion was made by Councilman Bott to approve the minutes of the November 24, 2020 meeting.  Seconded by Councilman Olbert and carried.


Motion was made by Councilman LaCourse to approve the General Fund Abstract #22 in the amount of $152286.48.  Seconded by Councilwoman Fennessy and carried.  


Motion was made by Councilwoman Fennessy to approve the Highway Fund Abstract 

#22 in the amount of $70117.00. Seconded by Councilman Olbert and carried.


Organizational meeting is tentatively set for January 1, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.  


Chuck Higgerson & March Associates gave a draft presentation of the conceptual design of the Newcomb Historic Welcome Center.  He stressed that this design was imperfect and incomplete.  The proposed design would be for the property owned by the Town that the current Salt Shed is on.  This area already has water/sewer, parking and would not obstruct the view of the high peaks.  The presentation showed the proposed interior and exterior of the building.  The Newcomb Historical Museum Board Members presented a letter with concerns and questions for the Board regarding the changes proposed in this design.  They would like the total 4954 square feet of the design to be applied to the Historical Museum.  Discussion included the timeline of the project, public consensus for the grant and an advisory committee for the project.  The Board will set up public meetings to keep the public informed as we go forward.  Motion was made by Councilman Olbert to authorize Supervisor Deloria to sign the agreement with March Associates to provide final conceptual design plans at a cost not to exceed $12000.  Seconded by Councilman Bott and carried.


The Medical Center and the Town Hall will be getting a new phone system, VOIP. (Voice Over Internet Protocol)  The new service is expected to save the town over $4800.00 per year.  The town will also be purchasing equipment for video conferencing.


Adirondack Health COVID-19  Mobile Testing Clinic will be at the Town Highway garage on December 16, 2020 for testing. Pre- registration is recommended.  Testing will be from 10am to noon.  


A petition has been filed with the New York State Supreme Court to authorize the sale of the Episcopal Church.  


The owners of the Pine Tree Cemetery have agreed to transfer the property to the Town of Newcomb.  The Town attorney is working on the warrantee deed for signing.


The Essex County Public Health Department has notified the Town that there is one individual living in Newcomb that has tested positive for the COVID-19 Virus.  He is doing well and all those exposed are under mandatory quarantine.  


The Code Enforcement Officer provided the Board with his annual report.


The New York State Association of Towns 2021 Annual Meeting and Training School will be all virtual.  Anyone interested in sessions will need to download the mobile event app.


Highway Supt. Cliff Demars reported that they made close to $25,000  by selling surplus equipment on Auctions International.


Paul Hai reported that there will be a Planning Board meeting Thursday December 17.

He also reported that ESF is expanding their trails and he is working on a grant for removing organic material from the town waste and doing a feasibility study on composting.  

Joan Burke wanted to remind the public that there would be no increase in taxes due to the grant.  Ruth Olbert would like to encourage all to visit the Historical Museum.  She also suggested that the Town put up a Menorah.  Sue Mills had questions on how the new Welcome Center would be staffed and what displays there would be.  Alex Garrido would like to see an impact statement regarding the cost of the Historical Museum/Welcome Center.  Kevin Bolan was questioning why Joan Burke was not more involved in the planning for the Welcome Center/Historical Building.  


Motion was made by Councilman Bott to adjourn.  Seconded by Councilwoman Fennessy and carried at 8:30 pm.  


                                                         Respectfully submitted______________________